5 Twitter Tips for Small Business

June 26, 2017


Twitter is a great social media platform that, when used correctly, can have massive benefits for your company or brand. If you are familiar with what Twitter is and the general why and how to use it read on. If you need some insight about Twitter and how it relates to your business read this.
5 Benefits of Twitter for Small Business:

1. Participating in the Conversation – your target audience and/or potential prospects are on Twitter where they may be discussing their frustrations, sharing insight or asking for help. They are talking so jump into the conversation. 

HOT TIP: Don’t be salesy, share information: educate and inform, offer a solution later.

2. Brand Awareness – Businesses can use Twitter to keep their brand top of mind. Clients and consumers appreciate the ability to see and know what their favorite brands and companies are doing. Twitter is the perfect platform to post news updates and did you knows about your company or brand.

HOT TIP: Product launches, live events, radio remotes and grand openings are great to promote on Twitter.

3. Gain a Competitive Intelligence – Hey guess what? Your competitors are on Twitter and you should consider keeping an eye on them! A good key practice is monitoring their tweets from time to time to see what they are working on. Are they preparing to launch a new product or open a new branch? Are going through massive layoffs, presenting an acquisition opportunity or a shot to hire some of their laid-off employees? Twitter can be a great environment for monitoring what the competition is doing. It can also be a great way just to see how your competition is using Twitter themselves. Perhaps you can pick up a tip or two.

HOT TIP: Create a Competitors list in your Twitter account to segment a stream dedicated to keeping an eye on the competition more easily.

4. Engage with your Target Audience – Twitter makes it so easy to interact with prospects and your target audience. While you do not want to be “in their face” all of the time, Twitter does allow you to engage with these people by re-tweeting their posts or responding to something that they may have tweeted about.

HOT TIP: if they say something you like, that is relevant to your brand or situation, RT (re-tweet) it or comment back and acknowledge that you are listening and value their opinion.

5. Online Reputation Management (ORM) – Information on Twitter breaks quickly. Businesses can use Twitter to monitor what is being said about their brand almost in real-time. If a client or customer had a negative experience with your brand, chances are they may tweet about it. If so, work to address the issues and communicate the fact that you are doing so. Remember Twitter is a social environment so transparency and honesty can be a good thing.

HOT TIP: Always acknowledge a comment, negative or positive. Your goal is to get any negative issue offline ASAP so you can resolve the matter.

What benefits of Twitter do you see for your business or personal brand?

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